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Baby naming

A naming ceremony is a great alternative to a traditional Christening. It is a unique occasion that can be used to introduce a newborn into a family or adopted children joining their new family. 

The ceremony typically includes:

  • Welcoming the child into your family

  • Parent(s) making supportive commitments to their child

  • A symbolic ritual - you can choose what you'd like this to be or I can make suggestions

  • Choosing adults or family members who are prepared to promise a special supportive relationship to the child

  • Readings of your choice

  • A souvenir certificate for the ceremony

I'm passionate about creating a ceremony that reflects the energy, warmth and love of the family. You can choose exactly what you want in order to make it a truly personal celebration!


Wedding or Civil Partnership

Are you looking for something truly special for your big day? Are you tired of being restricted to approved venues only? Do you want a fun, unique and personal ceremony that reflects your relationship? If so, you have come to the right place!

There are no rights or wrongs with what you can include in your wedding or civil partnership ceremony. However, I would typically include some of the following elements:

  • Vows or intentions - you can write these yourself or I can help

  • Poems and readings

  • Symbolic rituals - there are lots, for example: candles, sand ceremonies, ring warming, hand fasting and many others. If you have an idea for a symbolic ritual I am very open to creative ideas!

My wedding/civil partnership ceremony package includes a free initial meeting, writing of the ceremony, unlimited redrafts to ensure it is what you want, rehearsal and the day itself. 


Bespoke ceremonies

For centuries we have celebrated significant landmarks or rites of passage in our lives & there are no limits for what you can use a civil celebrant for!

Some of the bespoke ceremonies I offer include:

  • Vow renewal - Your wedding day may have seemed like a long time ago or there may have been changes in your life that mean you want to renew your partnership. I can help create a ceremony that is personal and symbolic of your relationship. 

  • Gender change - Changing gender is a hugely significant event that deserves to be celebrated and marked with an appropriate ceremony. I can create a ceremony that marks this occasion in a sensitive, positive and supportive way. 

  • Divorce or relationship healing - The end of a relationship can be very painful and difficult. Having a ceremony to mark the end of a relationship can help you to move on as you enter a new chapter in your life.

  • House blessing - Leaving a home that has held lots of memories for you and others can be difficult. I can design a short ceremony to mark the departure of a significant place in your life. Similarly, if you are moving to a new abode and want a short celebration or blessing I can do this also!

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